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Team-building programs

We offer a wide variety of team-building indoor and outdoor programs (more than 80 programs) for smaller or bigger groups.

Below there are some programs of the favourite ones:

Treasures of Visegrád

During this team-building game participants form smaller groups, discover many historical relics and famous buildings and make a substantial tour in the forest until they reach the destination. The teams should find 8 stations with the help of received equipments, GPS devices and maps to finally reach the treasure. The next station can be found just if solving the riddle. Crookedness and logic are necessary to find the golden bars.

Dragon boat tour

During this tour you are going to be able to enjoy the view of the picturesque Danube-bend right from the river and feel the essence of team work. The capacity of a dragon boat is 20 people. We provide all the necessary equipment for the program: canoes, paddles, life jackets, experienced steersman and a tour leader. Participants will also be introduced to the basics. In case of bigger groups we can arrange competition with more boats.

Games without boundaries

In the 1990's it was one of Europe's most watced TV-shows. Teams from different European countries in colorful costumes were competing with each other while solving bizarre tasks in funny games. For our program we need teams with 8-10 persons each who compete in humorous games. Running, crawling-creeping, jumping and a lot of team work of course. We recommend this game mainly for bigger company team-buildings, families and groups of friends.

Trabant derby

During the program participants have to fulfill 6 different tasks with the Trabants. They also have to perform a quiz. Acceleration, slalom, rush, relay race, Trabant pushing and pulling will all be among the tasks.

Circle of trust

Nowadays trust has a very important role in corporate and also in our private life. The program contains 6 games that are built on trust. The games are entertaining, the point is to have fun and smile, meanwhile we can find out who we can trust and who cannot.

Participants stand in a big circle and try to perform the tasks and games asked by the trainers.

Team castle

The program is mainly for indoor team-buildings. Teams have to build and decorate their own castle. Conformity, teamwork and creativity will be neccessary to build a stable and unique castle. If wished we can aggravate the program with different tasks.

1 minute and you win

There is a situation when you do not want to share with or defer to anybody. You do not want to depend on anybody. Here you can just count on yourself. You do it or you ruin it. The liability is just yours. During the program you will need your skills, logic and luck. There is a wide variety of games on different difficulty levels. We recommend it to family days or team-building.


Surely everyone knows the game activity that can be a perfect program for leisure purposes. Teamvity is a special version of it. It can be played in teams of 4-20 persons. The game is transformed with different tools. All the team members must participate actively in all tasks: drawing, talking and showing.

Film criticism! Movie classics

You always know what is gonna happen next in a movie? Always notice the mistakes in a movie? Know the names of all actors even when waken up from your sleep? Then this program is for you! Teams should solve the tasks after watching a short composition of the last few decades' „basic” movies.