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Family experiences


If Mom and Dad would like to spend some time alone, or if you feel like playing, the doors of the Playroom are always open. In the Playroom there are toys for little boys and girls alike, from the mini-kitchen to the mechanic station. There is always a nice and friendly adult company in this room so that you are not alone, who will always have some exciting ideas and game plans to suggest.


Someone who not only suggests the best ideas, but is there with you to help with the organization and arrangements and makes sure that everything works out perfect. We have good news for you! From now on, in our hotel, an entertainer colleague is available on five days of the week to make sure that you and your family, the young and the old alike, take part in the most exciting and entertaining or the most relaxing activities. Do not hesitate to contact our entertainer colleague and seek assistance so that your stay here be truly unforgettable.

Bobsleigh run

Near Nagyvillám lookout tower two bob tracks are winding on the slopes awaiting sporty and adventure-fan day trippers: in the traditional bed-type track with summer bob and in the other with alpine bob that is suitable for all weather conditions. In the event of rain or snow the bob sleighs are equipped with plexiglass cover. From the curves in the middle section of the downhill course there is a superb view of the nearby Citadel.

Formula 1 go-kart race

The latest outdoor sensation in Visegrád is the Visegrád Go-Kart and Challenge Park. In the race with 4 to 6 participants everyone can taste what racing feels like. The track operates in the dark as well in a lit way, for a more extreme adventure.

Challenge Park

The park awaits visitors next to the canopy course and the bob tracking gorgeous natural setting. The Challenge Park offers 44 different tasks on 3 types of difficulty levels and thus is a challenge for children and adults alike.


The first canopy course was opened in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica. The initial aim of the Central-American course was rainforest research. The first canopy course of Hungary was built in Visegrád. To “fly” over the foliage boosts adrenalin and gives a sense of freedom.

The view from here is breath-taking: the ruins of the Citadel and the impressive mountains of the Danube Bend.