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Summer programmes for the whole family

Each to his own says the proverb. Here in Hotel Silvanus, we know that it holds true for our guests, too. Each guest has his own expectations, interests, tastes, hobbies as well as passions. We accepted the challenge. Our programmes for this summer offer unforgettable experiences to all. We have e-experience mobiles and electric bikes for rent, as well as excellent aquafitness and gymstick programmes. Not to mention the many other opportunities we have on offer.

It is an old truth that a cosseting relaxation and recreation is perfect when something happens during it. Of course, the so-called “active relaxation” has several levels and methods, from hiking through sports activities to cultural or handcrafts programmes.

Hotel Silvanus**** is extremely well positioned in this regard, too, since it is at the very centre of one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe, between forest-covered mountains and valleys, above the wonderful Danube Bend. Here actually you should just exit the gate to reach the wildness of intact nature. In the historical town of Visegrád, the interested visitor shall meet the architecture of a history living with us and a feeling that is reminiscent of past centuries.

Each shall find the programme he likes

Most of all, we would like to provide our guests with lasting, true and valuable experiences during their stay. Therefore, Hotel Silvanus pays special attention to help every member of the family and every guest in finding the programme which is the most exciting and enjoyable for him. Adults wishing to get in motion have a wide range of choices. Aquafitness is for those loving cool water. Gymstick programmes target those who prefer music and harmonious feminine moving. You should also try the popular pilates which is also called the yoga of Western people. It is not by accident that it became the favourite sports form of American movie stars.

We have a professional animator to take care of children each day of the week. Her programmes include various skill developing and handcrafts programmes, exciting tale screenings, jolly live music programmes, and excursions and competitive sports games, too.

We organise guided tours to nearby sights, including the Citadel, the Nagyvillám look-out tower, the Salamon tower and the Zoo. One of our staff members, Kornél, who ranked top at almost all major foot races recently, invites sports fans for a morning run.

Our commitment towards our environment is reflected in the rent option of the e-experience mobile, which is a 100 % electrically driven “smiling” Renault Twizy. It offers a true experience and undisturbed entertainment when visiting the wonderful environs of Visegrád with it without sound and smoke. If you want to do the same without much effort but still in a more active way, you should rent our state-of-art male and female electric bikes (e-bikes).

This was only a brief presentation of our extensive offer. Opportunities change and expand from week to week and from day to day. We are open to satisfy individual requests and ideas. Please contact our staff who always have up-to-date information for you.