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Silvanus Love Kitchen

Surely you are well aware that there are few sentiments on the Earth that can be more intensive and wonderful than love.

This is the basis of permanent relationships, families and childbearing, which can give meaning to our life. So, love basically defines us. Its timeless magic does not depend on our age. It can influence our spirit, our moods, and even our actions. It is a good thing to be in love, although it is not always easy... But we all agree that fulfilled happiness of requited love is a feeling beyond compare.

Love and eating have been closely entwined in many cultures throughout human history. The knowledge and use of aphrodisiac food and herbs has always been highly appreciated on every continent. In many cases, modern science confirmed the traditions, observations and experiences of love cuisine going back to many centuries or even millennia. Magical aphrodisiacs are here with and around us. We use them every day and sometimes we do not know anything about their blessings. People knowing Hungarian cuisine are aware that it is more than goulash, stuffed cabbages and cheese noodles. True Hungarian cuisine is an extremely colourful, variegated, rich and diverse asset.

Here in Hotel Silvanus, we respect and appreciate Hungarian cuisine. We are proud to be able to cook in this spirit in our restaurant which is renowned throughout Europe. We are also proud that our guests recognise and appreciate the quality of our cuisine. We used to cook with various aphrodisiacs before but we were unaware of the aspects of love. Our aim was rather to produce healthy, wholesome and especially tasty food. From now on, the kitchen of Hotel Silvanus is going to be much more than a kitchen using aphrodisiacs: it is going to be the kitchen of human relations, too. If you wish to experience how it works in reality, please visit the Love Kitchen corner of our restaurant and taste its captivating world.