The new e-bikes have just arrived :: Hotel Silvanus Visegrád -

CHECK THE SILVANUS E-FLEET: the new e-bikes have just arrived

You may rent the first four brand new electrically driven bikes of the e-fleet of Hotel Silvanus****! It is time to reconsider riding since we open new perspectives for bikers. The e-bike age is here.

It is not surprising that the first green hotel of Hungary keeps in pace with development and is a foregoer of the application of environmentally friendly technologies which are green in every aspect. It is especially true when this up-to-date technique serves the entertainment and relaxation of our guests. We are glad to announce that brand new state-of-art e-bikes can be rented in our hotel, in addition to our fully electric e-experience mobile. There are two Baddog Akita 9.2 HD e- bikes for men and two Badcat Birman 9.2 HD e-bikes for women.

To whom do we recommend our new vehicles? Shortly, to all who can ride a bike and likes it. But most of all, to those who, for some reason or another, think that they cannot go for a longer bike tour any more. We have good news for them (too): they can ride a bike again to check the intact nature around us or to ride down to Visegrád to visit the town. You should not worry about riding back to the top of Fekete-hegy any more. E-bikes do it easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

Our bikes use up-to-date Bosch technology (engine, battery package and computer for controlling) which in itself is a guarantee for reliability and perfect operation. It is worth trying the wonderful feeling when you ride from town to the hotel without effort and tiredness, having to stop upwards at the serpentine only when you want to get lost in the marvellous view.

E-bikes allow you to take long distances easily, without having to worry about long uphill roads. We provide biker’s helmets, visibility jackets and waterproof biker’s bags for our e-bikes. We also have child’s seats for our guests upon request.

So, start riding, check nature, check Visegrád. E-experiences and adventures without efforts are here for everyone in the Danube Bend.