The history of Hotel Silvanus****

In 1971, one of the greatest World Hunting Exhibitions of all times was organised in Hungary. Hundreds and thousands of experts and interested people came to Hungary from all the five continents. The Hungarian hosts decided to build a hotel especially for the guests and events of the World Exhibition. It was planned as a hotel at a special location, with a spectacular view, facilities and services, to charm the foreigners who would subsequently spread our fame throughout the world.

The builders chose Visegrád, a former royal town not far from Budapest. The venue of the future hotel was found on the Fekete-hegy, next to the former Citadel of King Matthew where the memories of history are so close to each other that we sometimes feel actually being part of an excursion into the past. The hotel was accomplished by the deadline. Visegrád was a good choice since, being a former royal town, it ensured a prestigious and exciting venue for the Exhibition and also because King Matthew himself had hunted deers in the silent forests of its environment. Mysterious and rich backwoods of the Mountain Pilis were mentioned as early as by the Ancient Romans when writing about the Province of Pannonia. Therefore, the hotel was named after Silvanus, the god of the forests of ancient Romans. This is how the story of the now legendary Hotel Silvanus**** began. The hotel was awarded the title of the best four-star hotel in the countryside of Hungary some years ago.

Originally, smaller and lower, the present Hotel Silvanus has almost nothing to do with the original building since it was transformed to suit its location and rank. But one thing is unchanged: its breath-taking view making it one of the hotels with the best views in Europe.

According to esoteric philosophy, the heart chakra of the Earth is here, filling the visitors with positive life energies. So, Hotel Silvanus has everything to provide its guests with an unforgettable stay.

The management of the hotel well knows that these fantastic facilities make them responsible since Hotel Silvanus is not a simple hotel. It is part of the intact nature, an island of harmony, peace, silence, composure, physical and mental balancing and external and internal beauty, too. And it may not be lost. The motto of the Hotel reflects this concept well. It is also our objective, credo and ars poetica. “The guest should be accepted and served just in the same way as when inviting beloved people and friends to our home.”

If someone asked about the real speciality of Hotel Silvanus, we would not mention the classic tasty food of the Panoráma Restaurant or the spacy, cosy and sunny rooms and the luxurious suites. It is rather the friendly and familial atmosphere making this four-star hotel human and smiley. This is, beyond doubt, due to our committed and engaged staff. This special aura is felt by every visitor, be them couples, families, single guests, conference attendants or guests of weddings, for which we offer a venue of an ever-growing popularity. More and more people chose this wonderful hotel as the venue of their wedding and the subsequent dinner. Everyone wants to get married right at the place where the heart of the Earth is beating.

So, these minor and major wonders make Hotel Silvanus what it is. That’s why we are glad and proud to have participated in the “Hotel of the Year 2018” programme and voting. Beauty and true experiences should be shared with others. The whole country should get acquainted with the Silvanus feeling.

If someone visits us, he should get a bit silent; let everyday problems go, take a deep breath to smell the fresh scent of the forests at the balcony, have a long look at the fabulous landscape and just to exist. And after some minutes, a strange feeling comes: it is not only us looking at the landscape but it is also looking at us and, all of a sudden, we are at the centre of the world! Then, in one minute or two, we start to realise that we are actually there. At the very centre of the world.

This is the moment to understand the slogan of Hotel Silvanus**** which goes like: “Body and soul”.