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Silvanus e-experience mobile

Explore Visegrád with the brand new service of Hotel Silvanus.

Hotel Silvanus**** became the first green hotel of Hungary in 1999. Our commitment towards the protection of nature and nature-friendly technologies has been proven for as many as twenty years now.

The major asset and speciality of our hotel is its location at an enchanting point of the wildness of untouched nature above the Danube Bend, surrounded by the mysterious Mountain Pilis. Our main mission is to provide perfect services for our guests, ensuring undisturbed rest and relaxation for them.

Active relaxation includes unforgettable experiences and well chosen programmes, too. Visegrád is a huge repository of natural beauties, historical memories and cultural values. The wonders of the Citadel, the Salamon tower, the Royal Palace and romantic paths within the shady forests are all here for exploration.

Now Hotel Silvanus opens a new chapter for guests who are open for the sights of Visegrád and who “think green” with its e-experience mobile. It is a fully electrical Renault Twizy, providing you with a brand new experience of driving, the joy and nature-friendly character of which will prove unprecedented. One charge allows a drive of eighty kilometres and its top speed is 80 km/h. The e-experience mobile of Hotel Silvanus helps you to explore Visegrád and the surroundings, while protecting nature in the meantime. You should not be surprised at catching yourself smiling all along driving ☺

The vehicle may be driven by guests who have a driving licence for motorcycles or cars. Please contact the Reception for details.