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Zepter Therapy Air Ion

Pollen-free crystal-clear air in your rooms

Hotel Silvanus is a forest hotel in the nobles sense of the word. Its air is perfectly clear, free from pollution. But we could not have save allergic people from floating pollens, not even on the Fekete-hegy. So far.

Hotel Silvanus**** is committed to the comfort, wellbeing and health of its guests, too. We keep making efforts to create the best and most optimal conditions for undisturbed rest, relaxation and regeneration in our hotel. Now we made another step towards the perfection of the environment within the hotel. Our hotel is a real forest hotel, having the crystal-clear air of the Danube Bend. Still, we were not able to save allergic people from pollens. So far.

From now on, we can make the air of our rooms pollen-free upon request since our hotel is the first in Hungary to use the last generation of Zepter air cleaners, Therapy Air® iOn, which is a revolutionary product.

Therapy Air® iOn equipments reproducing natural processes are multifunctional, modern and designer pieces, with an extremely simple use. They filter and clean the air, enriching it with negative ions. They help our guests who request them to breath the crystal-clear forest air of Hotel Silvanus, perfectly free from pollens from now on.

Hotel Silvanus**** and Zepter International, a renowned Swiss corporation agreed on purchasing ten brand new equipments. The product was introduced with us for the first time. Due to the equipments, the night sleep and rest of our asthmatic or snoring guests or those sleeping badly may improve to a great extent.

If you need Therapy Air® iOn in your room, please indicate it upon reservation. The Reception is going to provide you with all the necessary information, ensuring that the equipment is placed in the room.