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Ayurvedic treatments

The Ayurvedic massage does not only refresh the body and the soul, but it helps to maintain our health, it facilitates regeneration and charging up and the prevention of and fight against diseases.

The beneficial properties of the Ayurvedic massage therapy paired with the healing energies of the Earth’s heart chakra have miraculous effects! Revive, blossom, heal and charge up with us!

“Indian” massage /abhyanga/ 60’

Full body massage with deep muscle relaxation performed with sesame and almond oil, which releases the hidden energies of the body, regenerates tense muscles, and eliminates the muscle knots caused by stress. Personalized, done with the use of special therapeutic oils (strong and intense or pampering and gentle upon request). Recommended for: stress, fatigue, sleep disorder, dry skin, muscle pain and for detoxification.

15.900 HUF

(50 min.)

“Buddha” massage /shiroabhyanga/ 30’

Head, neck and shoulder massage performed with special therapeutic oil and jasmine oil, which fully loosens tension and relaxes through stimulation of the sensory nerves. Recommended for: headache, migraine, alleviation of tension, neck discomfort, exasperation.

9.900 HUF

(30 min.)

“Siva” massage/padabhyanga/ 30’

Ayurvedic sole and feet massage with warm sesame and coconut oils. It heals, refreshes, relaxes and charges up with energy through the touch and stimulation of the marma points. Recommended for: fatigue, weakness, oedema, lymphoedema.

9.900 HUF

(30 min.)