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Bioenergetic centre

According to the work titled Gaia Theory published by NASA, the heart chakra of our Earth lays in the Carpathian Basin, in the Pilis Mountains. It is not a tiny place (compared to the size of the Earth) with a diameter of a few meters somewhere in Dobogókő, but it is the entire Pilis Mountains, moreover, many even say,the entire Carpathian Basin. While the Dalai Lama, upon his visit to Hungary, first rushes tothe Pilis Mountains, which he regards as the most important and most wonderful place of the world, the heart chakra of the Earth, and the ambassador of India regularly visits Dobogókő “to charge up”, the people living in Budapest, onlyhalf an hour drive from the Sacred Mountains, and the people living in Hungary, in general,still have no clue how valuable aplace they were born to. As according to the followers of ancient, pure religions, the heart of the Earth lays in the Carpathian Basin, more precisely in the Pilis Mountains. Our ancestors did not accidentally name the peak in the centre of the territory Dobogókő (beating stone). Once upon a time, with the help of the surrounding Danube,the Pilis region had a perfect heart shape itself, as it is also a fact that the peaks of the these mountainsreflect the positions of the main stars in the sky. To verify all this, it’s enough to just have a look at the map or to wander in the region. In 2005 Nepalese priests said that they had been praying for the Earth every day. Now “the Earth is in labour and giving birth to the future in the Carpathian Basin.”

During his stay in Hungary the Nepalese head of the Royal White Monastery of Nepal addressed the Hungarian people with the following words: "You Hungarians cannot even imagine how proud you may be of your nation, of your Hungarian nationality. We know for sure that the world’s mental, psychical and spiritual rebirth will commence in your country. The world’s heart chakra isin your country, in the Pilis Mountains.”

The hotel is surrounded by the sine curve of the heart chakra, the most important chakra of the Earth’s seven main energy chakras. The Danube as the river of Life draws with itsbig curve the motion graphic (jin-jang) characteristicof the two basic qualitiesin the Danube Bend. The centre of the female qualityis in the castle hill of Visegrád, and the centre of the masculine counterpart is in the Börzsöny Mountains. The most intense energy flow between the two poles can be measured on the Black Hill along the Visegrád-Nagymaros axle. This flow surrounds Silvanus Hotel.

The chakras

All living beings have chakras. In the case of humans, there are seven main chakras attached to our bodies, and although they are invisible, they can be sensed and measured with radiesthesicmethods. To some peopleendowed with extraordinary aptitudes these chakras are also visible, andthe conditions of the chakras reflect the given person’s health condition.

Heart chakra

It is the middle member of the seven chakras and the bridge between the material and the spiritual world. This is the chakra of unconditional love and acceptance. This is the chakra of love, and sorrow can block it.

Physical diseases

The diseases of the related body parts, respiratory insufficiency, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, phlebitis, cardiac infarct, cancer.In our era there are many diseases that are related to the heart chakra, for example allergies and immunodeficiency disorders.

Ley lines

According to the ancient knowledge so-called Saint George lines (Ley lines) enmesh the Earth. These are energy systems, a kind of vibration. The points where the lines intersect areacupunctural points, similarly to the acupunctural points of the human body. The multiple line-intersections are at the same time regarded sacral and saint places. For example the English Stonehenge, the Greek Oracle of Delphi, the Peruvian Machu Picchu and the EgyptianPyramid of Cheops. However, the Carpathian Basin has a uniquely distinguished role in the system of Ley lines, because the number of acupunctural points here is sohigh as nowhere else on Earth.