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Biola treatments

We use the bioproducts of the Hungarian Biola Biokozmetikai Kft. for our facial treatments.

Why did we choose Biola products and why do we recommend them for you, too?

  • Biola products ranked first at the cosmetics tests of the Association of Conscious Consumers several times.
  • They contain active ingredients in an extremely high proportion. Their vegetal content may be as high as 70%.
  • During their production, they do not use parabenes, SLS, paraffin derivatives, Al salts, genetically manipulated material, or synthetic chemical sun protectors. The products contain only conservation material and natural colouring and scents which are allowed in biocosmetics. Their scents come from essential oils and plant extracts only. There are no harmful side-effects during their use.
  • (And we simply fell in love with them.)