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Guinot beauty parlor price list

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"Your beauty is in right hands; we are looking after it."

The leading role of professional brand in beauty care is provided by Guinot products that are used in almost 60 countries of the world, in more than 9000 beauty salons. The special and unique treatments enjoy international prestige and recognition.

Back-shoulder-neck massage (30 min)
dynamic, intensive

5.800 HUF

Bio-relax body massage (30 min)
soothing, soft, relaxing

5.800 HUF

Swedish body massage (30 min)
muscle easing, intensive, dynamic

5.800 HUF

Swedish body massage (60 min)
muscle easing, intensive, dynamic

9.900 HUF

Swedish full-body massage + head-, arm-, and foot massage (120 min)
muscle easing, intensive, dynamic

13.800 HUF

Coffee body massage (60 min)
body contouring, refreshing, detoxication

11.500 HUF

Olive oil and basil body massage (60 min)
skin caring, detoxication, streching

11.500 HUF

Goat milk + litchi serum body massage (60 min)
relaxing, revitalization, soft skin

12.500 HUF

Japan cherry + lotus flower body massage (60 min)
beautifying, revitalization, cell regenerating

12.500 HUF

Skin rejuvenation, grape stem-cell bodí treatment (60 min)
rejuvenescent, streching

12.500 HUF

Lavander oil body massage (60 min)
energizing, physical and mental charges

11.500 HUF

Head massage (30 min)

5.800 HUF

Foot massage (30 min)

5.800 HUF

Pregnant massage (30 min.)
for back-, waist- and headache, amends the mood, eases the stress and the bloodtsream, smoothes the skin

5.800 HUF

Anti-stress package for 2 people (30-30 min)

10.900 HUF

Couple massage package for 2 people (60-60 min)
Swedish or relaxing

17.900 HUF
Guinot hidradermie treatment with or without cleansing (75 min)
cleans the skin deeply, hydrates, reduces and smoothes the wrinkles, sets back the brightness of the face and makes the skin more resistant

13.900 HUF

Hidradermie lifting treatment with ACE LOGIC serum gel (100 min)

14.900 HUF

Liftosome treatment without cleaning + face treatment with collagen (60 min.
revitalising, "lifting effect",skinflexibility)

14.900 HUF

Classic face-décolleté massage + pack (25 min)

5.500 HUF

Relaxing, rejuvenescent face and head massage (30 min)

5.900 HUF

Colouring of eyelashes

850 HUF

Colouring of eyebrows 850 HUF
Sugar-kiwi body peeling (20 min)4.500 HUF
Full legs

3.500 HUF

Until knee

2.800 HUF


2.000 HUF


2.000 HUF


750 HUF


750 HUF


650 HUF

Armpit990 HUF
Paraffin treatment (hand exfoliation + hand treatment + hand massage)3.500 HUF
Exotic bamboo rod massage (60 min)
This new massage combined with more powerful pressure is the result of a combination of the massage performed with bamboo cylinder originating from China and traditional Western technique. It has an effect on the more deeply lying tissues as well which thus ensures full muscle relaxation. It loosens energy blocks in the body, boosts blood circulation and the functioning of the lymphatic system, it reduces muscle tension and releases backbone pain.

12.800 HUF

Body massage treatment with honey (60 min)
Useful for cleaning and detoxifying the body and intensifying wellbeing. It manifests its effect reflectorially; pain reliever, muscle relaxant, immune system strengthening, and purifying the organism. Strengthens the nerves and boosts digestion. The honey massage is highly efficient in the cases of backbone complaints, neck, shoulder and back pains, rheumatic complaints, for relieving articular and neurological problems, and in the case of migraine, chronic fatigue and depression.

12.500 HUF

Body massage with mudpack (60 min)
Clears roughage from the body, improves cell metabolism, boosts collagen production, and the mineral substances in the mudpack refill the skin. It is perfectly suitable as anti-wrinkle treatment applied to the face, neck and cleavage, and even as body-shaping treatment when applied at regular intervals. Reduces inflammatory processes and the signs of aging.

12.800 HUF

Body massage with Dead Sea salt (60 min)
Massaging with Dead Sea salt is suitable for eliminating dead epidermic cells on the surface. It detoxifies deeper epidermic tissues as well, and meanwhile the high trace element and mineral substance content of the salt gets absorbed. The common effect of salt and oil stimulates blood circulation, improves cell metabolism and sebaceous secretion. In addition, the immune system will be stronger and the skin more beautiful and hydrated. When combined with lavender oil, it is excellent for relaxation, and when combined with lemon oil, the effect is invigorating.

11.800 HUF