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Schwedish massages

Beauty, care, style

“Your beauty is in good hands. We take care of it.”

Guinot products used in more than 9,000 beauty salons in almost 60 countries of the world ensure a leading role for this the professional brand in beauty care. Special and specific treatments have international fame and renown.

Swedish massage 25'
HUF 8,500

Swedish massage 50'
HUF 12,900

Refreshing massage 25’
with lemon oil

HUF 8,500

Relaxing massage 25’
with lavender oil

HUF 8,500

Relaxing massage 50’
with lavender oil

HUF 12,900
Acupressure head massage 25'HUF 8,500

Acupressure head + body massage 50'HUF 12,900

Foot massage 25'HUF 8,500

Pregnancy massage 25’HUF 8,500

Biomassage 25’

HUF 9,900

Biomassage 50’

HUF 14,900